Nuestra Voz

COVID-19 UPDATE: Because of the need to keep the Isla Vista community safe, this summer Nuestra Voz will be offered online by Magic Lantern Director D.J. Palladino and IV Arts Director Anna Jensen. This summer’s program will instruct students on making their own short video production, even while they stay in place.

For the summer term, consider joining THTR 194A: Group Studies in Acting and Directing – Nuestra Voz, a six-week class that focuses on the intersections of theater, education, and community.

Nuestra Voz brings UCSB undergraduates together with Isla Vista teenagers to explore playwrighting, dance, and theatre arts, culminating in a performance written and performed by IV teens in the 100-seat Studio Theater in the Department of Theater and Dance.

Working in a camp-like atmosphere, students lead local youth through the process of writing and performing an original play. Emphasizing personal empowerment and community building through creative practice, this course offers a unique hands-on learning environment. Plus, a lovely luncheon is served every Friday! Open to all UCSB students in all majors and requires no prior experience with theater or teaching.