The BOX is a student-curated, art exhibition space for UCSB undergraduate and graduate students of all majors and disciplines. We are looking for students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to exhibit their work, but are still artistically and conceptually matched with top art students. For these students, art is not just a hobby, but a passion.

Are you interested in designing an exhibition seen by thousands of people every day? The Box is a student-curated space located in the lobby of IV Theater, one of UCSB’s largest lecture halls. In collaboration with UCSB’s Art, Design & Architecture Museum and IV Arts, The Box promotes the visual arts within the close-knit community of Isla Vista. We encourage EVERYONE interested to submit a design or plan, regardless of major.

The dimensions are 70”W x 44”H x 7”D, so there is room for 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional artwork, as well as shelving and lighting available for use if needed.