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enriching the cultural climate of Isla Vista through the arts

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Our Mission

From its base at UCSB’s Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, Isla Vista Arts aims to catalyze social change in neighboring Isla Vista through the arts. Isla Vista Arts appreciates Isla Vista’s urban energy and how its vitality whets an appetite for artistic creation, experimentation, and innovation. Isla Vista’s open spirit and its unrivaled coastal beauty makes it an asset to the UCSB campus and the surrounding Santa Barbara and Goleta community which Isla Vista Arts endeavors to cultivate through artistic production.

What We Do

1. Create a Vibrant Civic Space

IV Arts brings coherence and visibility to disparate arts initiatives to enhance the downtown Embarcadero loop as a vital civic space through performing and visual arts programming.

2. Support Student Projects

IV Arts aims to synergize student-conceived arts initiatives with demonstrable university support for the greatest possible impact.

3. Create Connections

IV Arts works to integrate the campus community’s otherwise discrete living and learning spaces for students to experience cultural stimulation throughout the day.

4. Disrupt Segregation

Finally, IV Arts is committed to disrupting segregation. Isla Vista has a history of certain undeniable and undesirable dysfunctions. IV Arts works on the assumption that many of IV’s “problems” can be traced to a habitual age, ethnic, and class segregation. We believe that arts and culture disassemble these barriers with greatest efficacy. For this reason, IV Arts makes its programming affordable and, therefore, accessible to all.

Our Programs

IV Arts aims to promote a habit of cultural attendance. In order to accomplish this, we believe arts programming needs to be presented and promoted habitually. IV Arts sponsors weekly arts programming as well as on-going projects.


Anna Jensen

Director, IV ARTS

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